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iPhone XS | Battery Replacement

iPhone XS | Battery Replacement

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Extend the life of your iPhone XS with a new replacement battery. If your iPhone won't turn on has a "service battery" warning, is stuck in a boot loop, or won't hold a charge, this replacement battery may be what you need to fix it.

  • 12-Month warranty
    Against faulty part or labour but no damage
  • Repair in 45 minutes
    We pride ourselves on offering an imend repair service
  • Tested by Imend staff
    To ensure consistency of quality and capacity.

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      Bring your iPhone directly to Imend. We can repair any phone in under 30 minutes to 24 hrs depending on your phone's health.


      Nationwide collect and deliver takes 1-5 days. No same day.


      Against faulty parts or labour but no physical damage. Faster and more comprehensive than Apple's warranty.*

    • Free Diagnostics

    • Warranty

    • In-Store

    • Courier Service